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Hi, I’m Moira.

I teach small business owners like you how to grow your business, do the work you love and get back your evenings and weekends.

If you feel frustrated that you spend too much time doing 'bitty' things and not enough running your business, that's where I can help.

It's about clarity.

It's about creating ease.

It's about setting up systems & support (with a lean budget).

And focusing on growth where it matters most.

Here’s a little secret... 

We start with what brings you joy.

And right now, it's also about working out how to pivot during the coronavirus. Read my blog post on this here.

What can I help you with?

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Business & Strategy Coach

Creative. Entrepreneur. Lover of spreadsheets (& cats).

I’ve run a number of successful six-figure businesses, made mistakes along the way and learned from them - and I'm here to help you shortcut your journey and avoid costly detours.

I've been exactly where you are now, and I know how important it is to raise your profits, have time off, and do the work that genuinely excites you.

There's no 'one size fits all'. While the strategies I teach might apply to most small businesses, we always start with the core of your business. (That's you!).


Magic wand time! Would you like an extra hour a day?

Here's a little bonus for you - Get my 10 strategies to getting more done each day and more time off for you.

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